Neonblack Media

Neonblack Media is a professional marketing and graphic design company located in Sweden. Providing fresh, original concepts and maintaining client satisfaction has always been our number one priority. Mainly we work with customers from all over Scandinavia, however, thanks to modern technologies and Internet, we are not limited to any particular geographical area.

Neonblack Media was established by two partners, Tobias Hogstrand and Olga Maksimenko, who combined their creative and business skills in order to deliver a top-quality service fitting varied tastes, demands and budgets. By choosing Neonblack Media you can be sure that your visual communication needs will be met based on a thorough study of your company, product, marketplace and perhaps an already existing brand image.


Who We Are
Olga Maksimenko
Olga Maksimenko

Tobias Hogstrand

Tobias is the man behind the scenes and a creator of "Neonblack Media". He also works as a 2D Artist at Digital Illusions CE - an Electronic Arts game company's studio in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a master of Graphic Design, Illustration and Flash Programming.

Olga Maksimenko

Olga runs the business, defining and planning the work flows, preparing quotes and making decisions on the design projects. She has MBA in Marketing Managent and an excellent academic background. Olga also specializes in Graphic Design and the art of creating beautiful websites.



Our Creative Process
  • Step 1 - After a personal consultation we make a list of your project goals and priorities.
  • Step 2 - Once we possess the basic information, we undertake a short period of research to get ourselves more familiar with your company, marketplace and extra material (stock photographs, for example) needed to complete the project.
  • Step 3 - Next step is through sketching and discussion to generate quick and preliminary concepts based on the knowledge that we acquired. These ideas are then transformed into digital format and are presented to you.
  • Step 4 - After receiving the sketches you would need to consider and evaluate each idea in order to decide which elements should stay, which should go away and what might be added or refined in the design to make you fully satisfied with it.
  • Step 5 - When you have approved the drafts, we will continue working on the final design project, which is then delivered in the format and by delivery method that you prefer.